We are temporarily closed. Please check here for information and updates regarding COVID-19.

The Harmony team is committed to the health and safety of all our team members and

the clients and communities we serve as we all face the challenges of the Novel

Coronavirus and COVID-19.

Although we have increased our efforts to maintain a safe environment for our clients

and our team, we must comply with all federal, state and local directives.  Due to the

current directive from the California Department of Public Health signed by Governor

Gavin Newsom, we must now close our office until further notice .

At Harmony Community Wellness Center, we share in the collective mission to reduce

the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19.  We also believe that we play a vital

role in the health and emotional well being of our valued clients.

We would like to assist in helping our community stay calm and grounded. We urge

everyone to focus on strengthening your body’s natural ability to heal by boosting your

immune system . We will be offering ways to do this through our website and videos.

As a small family owned business, Harmony Community Wellness Center has been

serving you, our Harmony Family, for 12 years. Lars and Maki are very grateful for your

support and partnership in helping create and grow our healing community. We hope

we will be able to reopen and continue our service to the community.

Many of you have asked us how you could help Harmony. As a small business facing

financial challenges during this mandated closure, please consider purchasing a gift

certificate or donating to our GoFundMe page.

Wishing you health and well being,

Team Harmony

Lars and Maki Nielsen, Kim Horning, Rachael Ogden, Sara Bruce, Stephanie Boren,

Karen Taylor, Brittney Petchell, Jeanne Chapman, Cintia Herrera