Community Acupuncture

We Treat in a Community Setting.

Harmony Community Wellness Center is part of the growing community acupuncture movement that is changing the way health care is provided.   The primary goal of the community acupuncture movement is to reduce cost to the patient in order to allow for treatments to be frequent and regular enough to be effective and provide wellness.   In our clinic we use recliners, arranged in a large, quiet, soothing space. 

New patient appointments are $40, which includes the cost of the initial consultation.  Additional community acupuncture treatments are $29*.

Our individualized acupuncture treatments are tailored to your specific needs.  We rely upon traditional diagnostic methods of observation, auscultation, inquiry and palpation, focused around pulse diagnosis.

We use distal acupuncture points.

At Harmony Community Wellness Center, patients remain clothed and lie in comfortable recliners in a quiet, soothing community room. Acupuncture needles are applied "distally", meaning that we place needles primarily in your arms and legs, hands and feet.  In other words, we may treat your back pain by placing needles in your hands and feet. With this more traditional style, we can see more patients which allows us to reduce the cost of the treatments. 

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Acupuncture Moves Qi

The basis of acupuncture is expressed in this famous Chinese saying: "Bu tong ze tong, tong ze bu tong" which means "free flow: no pain, no free flow: pain."  In other words, any kind of pain or illness represents an obstruction in the normal flow of Qi or life force.   ​Simply put, acupuncture moves Qi, restoring free flow.

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 *Community acupuncture treatments are $40 for the first appointment.  This includes the initial consultation fee.  Additional community acupuncture treatments are $29.  Please call for private acupuncture pricing.  Prices subject to change without notice. 5/2018