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Let's Help Kim Get Back on BOTH Feet

We're raising the funds Kim Horning needs while she recovers from a severe injury.

A letter from Kim- 

Dear Harmony Family, 

August started with quite a fall down a hill that turned my life on a dime. I had two severely broken ankle bones and a dislocation. Surgical intervention was required to properly set the bones. Without medical insurance, I had to think quick! So, on August 7th, I ventured to Mexico for orthopedic surgery. This was my best option as estimates from local hospitals were outrageous. My ankle has been properly set with multiple screws and metal plates. Now, I am honoring the healing process.

It is with a heavy heart and much sorrow that I will not be able to see patients for the next 8-12 weeks. My surgeon thinks that I should be able to return to work in October. In the meantime, I will be off of my ankle, focusing on healing, and unable to work. 

This has been quite the humbling experience. I'm used to taking care of things and doing things on my own and have chosen a career centered around helping others. I’m not used to asking for help. After much soul searching, I have decided to accept help by starting this GoFundMe page. My Harmony family has offered to help raise funds to cover the medical expenses associated with this injury. Currently, my medical bills total $17,000 and include the initial Emergency Room visit, Orthopedic exam/bone setting, x-rays, labs, surgery in Mexico, and post-operative care. I have not started physical therapy yet. 

So I’m going to humbly ask with my heart in my hands that you donate to my cause. Ask one person that you know to donate to my cause. You know I will pay it forward. I just need to get through to the other side of this health challenge. I need your help. There I said it and I asked for it. The rest is up to the Universe. I’m humbled. I’m listening. 

I feel so humbled and grateful for all of you. I truly see my patients as my family and can’t wait to get back to helping all of you on your paths towards wellness! I hope to return in October, back on BOTH feet.

With Much Love,


Want to help?

A GofFundMe page has also been set up.  GoFundMe does charge the recipient a small fee for the donations they receive.  Fee-free donations can be made at our front desk.


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